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  Who Are Assyrians?

Articles - 2024
Kurds and Kurdistan (Updated 2/22/2024)
Why Some Scholars Are Critical of the Old Testament?
The Clouds of Kurdistan Cannot Hide the Sun That is Assyria
Israeli Professor Rejects the General Israeli Narrative
Assyrian Institutions and Kurdistan Regional Government Liaison Office in Washington
The Homily of Bishop Odisho Oraham and the Resignation of Bishop Emmanuel Yosip
The Kurds: Name, History, Homeland, Language and Other Facts
Metropolitan Mar Meelis Zaia Speech in Canada: A Damage Control?
Iraqi Security Officer Proves Mr. Younadam Kanna was Falsely Accused
Assyrians, Syrians and Syriacs Revisited
Consciously or Otherwise, the West Pushed Assyrians to Leave Their Ancestral Lands
Kurds Are Not Related to Medes
There is no Such Thing as Kurdish Jew – It is a Big Mistake
Saudi Arabia and the Kurdish Region/Iraq Driving Opposite Directions
Mehrdad Izady: Neanderthals Discovered in Arbil Are Kurds
Anthony Hormuzh Rassam and the Assyrian Case in the League of Nations
Kurd is Not Related to Qardu, Kardu, Kardukh, Carduni, etc.
How Politicians (Arabs and Kurds) altered the 2005 Iraqi Constitution
Kurds Are Committing a Cultural Crime
Kurds and Kurdish Language Not Related to Sumerians: A Response to Soran Hamarash
Canonization in the Assyrian Church of the East: Political or Spiritual

Articles - 2023
With Absence of Nationalists, Sectarian Leaders Reckon Society
The Dohuk Assyrian Archaeological Park
The French Senate and the Assyrian Genocide Resolution
Assyrian Genocide Monument in Qamishli (Beth Zalin), Syria Vandalized
The Kurds must be mentioned as perpetrators of Assyrian Genocide
The State of Arizona Congress and the Assyrian Genocide Resolution
French Senate Resolution No. 227 Registered on January 6, 2023
Prof. Yaccov Maoz, We are not Kurds
The Kurds and Sam Darmo’s Interviews on Assyria TV and AGN TV
Kurdish Sarwa Abdul Wahid on iNews
Mr. Paul Kajou and the Modern Name Chaldean
The Indigenous People of Australia and their Struggle for Constitutional Rights
We Believe (ܡܗܝܡܢܝܢܢ) – The Nicene Creed
The Fragile Future of the Kurdish Regions in Iraq and Syria
Akram Habib: False Teachings and Hidden Agenda
أكرم حبيب: تعاليم باطلة وأجندة خفية (ردّ)
Historically and Archaeologically, Nothing is Kurdish in Northeast Syria
Kurds Participated in Both WWI Genocide and the Simele Massacre
Indict Kurdish General Bekir Sidqi, Posthumously
The Simele Resolutions in US Congress
The Nineveh Plain Self Administrative Region (Governorate) between Iraqi Government Decisions and US Congress Resolutions
Honor the Victims of Simele Massacre by Telling the Truth
Was the 2016 Military Coup in Turkey Staged?
The Forgery that is the Virtual Map of Kurdistan
Why Assyrian Genocide is Less Known in Comparison with the Armenian Genocide
The Simele Resolution HR472 and the Kurdish Imprint
The Night of the Fall ( ليلة السقوط ) -- Kurdish Propaganda
Are the Kurds in Northern Iraq Truly Secular?
Neo-Nazi Kurdish Hawpa Group Threatens to Exterminate Assyrians
Statue of Assyrian King Sennacherib in Front of Adad Gate, Nineveh
How Masoud Barzani and the KRG divided the Assyrians

Articles - 2022
Bishop Mar Odisho Oraham and god Ashur
Patriarch Mar Awa Royel III Interview on Ishtar TV
Assyrians Helped Jews in Iraq
The Old Testament Stories and the Assyrian and Babylonian Archaeological Discoveries
Jews, Assyrians and Communism in Iraq
Ninos Aho’s “The New Assyrian” and Our Indifference
The Tragedy of Halabja: What They Don’t Tell You
Are Electric Vehicles, Solar Panels, and Windmills Environment-Friendly?
The Assyrian New Year -- Why 6772
No, The Assyrians are Not Refugees from Turkey who Settled in Iraq
Patriarch Mar Awa III Royel Speech at the Chaldean Catholic Eparchy in Sydney, Australia
Iraq Must Recognize Assyrians as its Indigenous People
The 21st Century and Temporal Power
Will Assyrians Become Strictly a Religious Minority in Occupied Assyria?
Northern Iraq and the Kurdistani Disputed Territories
Assyrians Cannot Remain in the Dark
The Çineköy Inscriptions: Proving Syria is Derived From Assyria
The Kurdistan Regional Government and the Rewriting of Kurdish History

Articles - 2021
Ashur and Nineveh
Appointees by the KRG and the Assyrian Cause
Preaching to the Deaf
It Takes Courage to Tell the Truth
Liberate the Mind and Support the Truth
They Are Sobbing in Their Graves
Sainthood is a Serious and Noble Concept
End the Intervention into the Assyrian National Scene by the Clergy and Kurdish Puppets
Are We Truly a Civil and Chivalrous Nation
Nenif Matran Hariri – The Kurdish Patron
How Assyrian found its way into the Title of the Church of the East
A Patriarch for the 21st Century
17th Century book on the Church of the Assyrians
A new Kurdish propaganda publication: A Kurdistan For All
The Patriarch, the Archbishop, and the Message
In Arabic. The Patriarch, the Archbishop, and the Message
The Assyrians Under Kurdish Rule in Northern Iraq: Short Term Solutions

Articles - 2020
Akitu was an Assyrian and Babylonian Festival
Aprim Minashe Aprim (1924-2018) An Assyrian Patriot, a Man of Dignity, Honor and Commitment
Sadly, people have no desire to know the Truth
Books on the Assyrian Genocide
Why the Barzani Family Assassinated the Miran Family?

Articles - 2019
The Planned Extermination of the Assyrian People and Culture
Lost Dignity
Find Courage to Change
The Nestorian Monuments in China and Japan

Articles - 2018
Kathy Sayyad
The Assyrian Patriarchs: Morality, Leadership, Humbleness, and the Fate of a Nation

Articles - 2016
The Half Truth of Prof. David Romano
Help Your People. Be the Voice of Free Assyrians

Articles - 2015
Patriarch Mar Dinkha: A Tainted Legacy

Articles - 2010
Assyrians face Religious Persecution and Ethnic Genocide

Articles - 2009
2009 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq
Overview of Assyrian Slates Running in the 2009 Iraqi Provincial Council Elections.
Oppression, Assassination, Torture, Harassment, Unfair, and Undemocratic Acts by Kurds and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Against the Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Suryan) in North of Iraq.
Fred Aprim Interview with Catholic Radio International

Articles - 2008
Akitu 6758 Message
2008 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq
Assyria and Assyrians Since the 2003 US Occupation of Iraq
Kurds Undermining Assyrian National Interests in Iraq
Frankfurt Conference and the Endangered Peoples of Iraq
Assyrian Genocide Awareness Day Speech in Canada
Iraqi Parliament Removes Article 50 from the Provincial Elections Law, Marginalizes Assyrians
Kurdish Governor of Dohuk Denies the ADM Permission to Demonstrate
The Iraqi Provincial Elections Law and the Terror Against the Assyrians in Mosul
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Speech in Arbil

Articles - 2007
Mehrdad Izady and the History of Kurdish Christianity
We Must Not Condone the Hypocrisy of Our Political and Religious Institutions
The UN and the Assyrians of Iraq
Kurdish Official Denies Assyrian, Turkomen Land Claims
Nenif Matran Hariri and His Never Ending Kurdish Propaganda
The Triangle of Submissiveness
2007 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq
Adiabene Was Assyrian, Not Kurdish
The Barbaric Attack on Assyrian and Mesopotamian History.

Articles - 2006
Assyrians in the World War I Treaties: Paris, Sévres, and Lausanne
AssyriaSat: The Hope That Was
Dairaboun (Deir Abun): The Strategic Assyrian Village
The Holland Conference
The Kurdish Latest Propaganda; Boosting Aghajan and Hariri and Undermining Assyrian True Representat
The Relentless Kurdish Campaign to Undermine Assyrian Rights
The Future of the Assyrians of Iraq: A Safe Haven vs. Self-Administrative Region
Sargon Dadesho and the Compound Title of Assyro-Chaldeans
The Latest Events in Northern Iraq: Thoughts and Looking Forward
A Message from the Heart
The Use of Hyphens or Dashes in the Compound Name
The Kurds and the Future of Nineveh Plain (Little Assyria)
Sargis Aghajan: A Saint or a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
2006 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq

Articles - 2005
2005 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq
The Iraqi Elections and the Assyrian Apathy
The Dilemma of the Iraqi Draft Constitution and Looking Forward
The Iraqi National Elections and Our Moral Obligation
Assyrians and the Iraqi National Elections of December 15, 2005
His Grace Bishop Sarhad Jammo's Lecture in San Diego
It is Here Finally: Survival or the End for Assyrians in Iraq
The Assyrian Institutions: Self-Destructive Enterprises
Oh Assyria, look What Your Own are Doing
Free Occupied Assyria
Say NO to Iraqi Proposed Constitution

Articles - 2004
2004 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq
A Decision for the Centuries Ahead
Akitu (the New Year Festival) and Newruz (Nuroz)
Alqosh, Yimma d Athor (The Mother of Assyria)
The Assyrian Cause and the Modern Aramean Thorn
Iraqi Census Must be Taken Before Anything is Decided
Bakdedo or Baghdeda (modern Qara Qosh or Hamdaniya): A Thriving Assyrian Village
Bartella (Baritle) and its Neighboring Villages
The Assyrian National Dream in Iraq: A Mirage of few Desperate or a Real and Practical Vision of the
Karamles (Karamlesh): The Hidden and Unearthed Ancient Assyrian Town
The Town of Tel-Kepe (Telkaif)
The Assyrians of the San Joaquin Valley, California: From Early Settlements to the Present.
Fable History
Yusuf Malek
The Assyrian Christians Dilemma in Iraq: Outlook and Solution
History of the Assyrian Town of Baghdeda according to an Iraqi archaeologist.
John Joseph: Selective or Objective
The “New” Iraq: A Century Old Dilemma

Articles - 2003
The Legacy of Malik Khoshaba Yousip and Yousip Malik Khoshaba
2003 List of Assyrian Christians murdered, Attacked, and Harassed in Iraq
Assyria or Kurdistan?
Build Your House upon a Rock, Christ Says
Fantasy or Reality: The Assyrian national Movement
Book by father of Bishop Sarhad Jammo about Telkaif and Nineveh Attempts to Rewrite History, One More Time
National Activism Among Assyrian Organizations and Individuals
Politics vs. Academics: Vision for Better Future or Jeopardizing Glorious History
Majority & Minority: A Case For Study
For the Sake of this Unique Nation?
The Name, The Church and the Ultimate Challenge
Assyrians: Indigenous People in Distress

Articles - 2002
The Assyrian Statehood: Yesterday's Denial and Today's Moral Obligation
Chaldeans or Catholic Assyrians!
The Assyrian Nation, why?
The Mandaeans: True descendents of ancient Babylonians and Chaldeans
Personal reflections on John Joseph's hypothesis

Articles - 2001
The Bible and the Chaldean Name
The Enuma Elish and the Old Testament

Articles - 2000
The A to Z of the ancient Chaldeans and their relation to modern Chaldeans
David Barsoum Perley, J.S.D.
The Tragic Situation of the Assyrians of Barwari Bala
Is Mohammad Mentioned in the Bible?

Articles - 1999
Malpana Naoum Faiq
Sermon by the Late Patriarch Mar Eshai Shimun on July 28, 1968 in Beirut, Lebanon
Turkish Words of Arabic Origin
Assyrians, Syrians and Syriac, Notes and Historical Facts

Assyrian Holocaust: Religious Persecution and Ethnic Genocide of Assyrians in the Middle East. Frederick A. Aprim
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