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Frederick A. Aprim
Something Personal
Frederick A. Aprim
That Dream
I toured the 18th century castles of Europe
Passed by the hanging Gardens of Babylon
Climbed king Khafu's pyramid of Egypt
And wondered in those ancient Assyrian cities of Nimrud and Nineveh
Looking for the beauty of queen Shamiram
In the eyes of that Assyrian Angel
Who came that mystical night in my dream,
In her satin dress
With open arms
Like those two giants rivers of Mesopotamia
Teaching mankind unconditional giving
Until eternity
I could hear her steps outside my balcony
Closer to me than that shadow
The moon left on my bedroom's floor
When I opened that window to say,
But this is a dream!
And a voice in silence I heard
I am here dear,
And tomorrow when we celebrate life
On the hills of Bet-Nahrain (Mesopotamia)
I will be there to hold your hand
During the New Year's spring festival
And forever we will dance
Carried by the wings of those Angels
From Nineveh to Heaven…

Why am I sad?
Why am I sad?
On such a beautiful morning in Spring
How could I not
Gazing at the pale of that image of you
A friend of a lifetime
Through the night of despair
Beyond that veil
Hiding the beauty of an Assyrian daffodil
Why should you?
I have painted my soul with the halo of Ashur
And the aura of glory
Why am I sad?
On such a beautiful day in Autumn
Where the leaves have come out
On a festive parade
Bearing the colors of life in their veins
Look around you; I am still here
Hold my hand
And learn with me
How to believe, yet again
Or have you forgotten
Let's be the candle beyond the wall of silence
Let's be the parents of that orphan called Assyria...

Oh how much I envy,
All those inanimates
And every living creature around you....
And most of all,
The sun, the moon and the stars....
For they shine on your Mesopotamian face
Every night and day....
That firmament,
The fjord,
Your face....
Oh so naturally preoccupies my thoughts,
With that ardent desire,
To call it, with your permission dear,
My Home...

Assyrian Holocaust: Religious Persecution and Ethnic Genocide of Assyrians in the Middle East. Frederick A. Aprim
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